Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I earn money? By taking Polls, Surveys, and completing Offers.

1000 Rewards = $1.00
2. When will I receive my earnings? Payments are made every Monday between 8am to 2pm EST with or after you Cash Out.

We do not charge any fees for payment, however Paypal and Payza standard fees apply. The minimum payment balance is $15.

4. How do I Invite my friends? Share your Invite link with your friends found in the Invite section.
5. What are Offers? Completing offers is an additional way to instantly earn money to your account.
6. How many accounts can a household have? The InsFe platform only allows for 1 account per household. This is strictly enforced and any violators accounts are suspended.
7. Do I always have to log in on the same computer? No, you can log in on any computer you like.
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